Company History
Wind Power

     KIOWA Line Builders Inc. originated in Lee's Summit, MO in 1979. The business was relocated to Tipton, MO in 1984 and the main office is located at 801 Highway 5 South. KIOWA employs approximately 65 employees.

     T & W Pole Line Construction Inc. was acquired in 2004 and was relocated from Sedalia to Tipton in 2005.

Hand Shake

     KIOWA Line Builders contract with rural electric cooperatives from Missouri and other states to repair damages caused by accidents and mother nature. Several employees were sent to Louisiana to help with the aftermath left by Hurricane Katrina.

Power Line

     The maintenance shop, safety building and warehouse are located in the Tipton Industrial Park located on Richard Avenue.

H & H Leasing was established in 1991.


Owners of the listed businesses above are...

 KIOWA  Line Builders                                         T & W  Pole Line Construction